Barn Staircase And Balustrade


“We recently had a barn converted and wanted to reuse as much of our existing study furniture as possible. As Glen had made the built in furniture we asked him to take a look and see how viable it would be.It turned out that he was able to reutilise a good 75% of the existing study furniture as well as adding on more and making display shelves which go into the sloping ceiling. No one seeing it for the first time would know that it hadn’t been built specifically for that place. Knowing what a perfectionist Glen is, we asked him to make the staircase for the barn and the balustrade on the mezzanine level. They’re both made of solid oak, beautifully finished (including lights set into the stringer) and no matter how heavily one walks up and down the staircase there is never a creak or a noise from it. It’s absolutely rock solid, beautiful to look at and admired by everyone that visits. Glen is a true craftsman and goes to great lengths to ensure that everything he makes is perfect. If you want craftsmanship and quality you need look no further.”

Andi & Allan Blake  2021